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      Leona pointed to the window, against which Charlton's face had been pressed a moment before. The dimness of it, the stern accusing eyes made up a picture so grim, so ghostly, that the woman's heart turned to water within her. The fear of yesterday took the strength out of her limbs.

      (1.) Why are shaping machines better adapted than planing machines for planing slots, key-ways, and so on?(2.) What objects are gained by a quick return motion of the cutter bar of shaping machines?

      (1.) Into what classes can gearing be divided?(2.) What determines the wearing capacity of gearing?(3.) What is the advantage gained by employing wooden cogs for gear wheels?(4.) Why are tangent or worm wheels not durable?

      Musical NotationLalage saw the beautiful force of the argument. Besides, he was not anxious to die yet. His own bitter regret was that he had not completed his mission. If he had only known that his dalliance with opportunity had proved his own undoing he would have been moved to a deeper and fiercer anger.

      "Well, I can name several! I don't call Scott Gholson anybody, but there's Major Harper--No, I'm not talking too loud, Ned isn't hearing a word. Major Harper's so hot against this thing that he brought it up, with me, yesterday on the battlefield."

      "I wish I was as sanguine as you are," said Bruce.62


      "What's the theory here, sir?" Prout asked respectfully."Well, yesterday she owed me nearly 100,000. I have got part of that back in the way of the jewels, hence my change of attitude last night. By a clever trick, that woman robbed me of a fortune. When I found it out I said nothing. It was no cue of mine to make a fuss about it. If I had done so I should have lost everything. So I came to England. By way of a start I obtained possession of diamonds to the value of some 30,000."


      "I trust you," he croaked. "You promised me a better vengeance than I could get for myself. See that I get it."


      Gregg sat up in his chair and became more serious. Allingham fidgeted without actually interrupting.