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      "You engaged detectives to help you?"

      A lean and disheveled shadow appeared in the tent opening."That ammunition story's played. Can't work it on me. Where's your regiment? Where's your79 caps? Where's your shoes? Where's your guns? You're rattled out of your senses. Stop here and cool off. Pick up guns there and fall into line."

      There was more straining and prying in the dreary rain and fathomless mud to get the wagons started.66


      "Stretch out," she whispered. "I will sit on the stool beside you where I can look at you. I love so to look at you!"If the new Hoosier regiment had been quartered for a while in long-used barracks, or had pitched its tents in an old camp, Si would very soon have learned, in the school of experience, the delightful uses of finger-nails. But the 200th stayed only a single night in Louisville and then joined the procession that started on the chase after the rebel army. It generally camped on new ground, and under these circumstances the insect to which allusion has been made did not begin its work of devastation with that suddenness that usually marked its attack upon soldiers entering the field. But he never failed to "git there" sooner or later, and it was more frequently sooner than later.


      you'd better believe it. You ought to be glad you're a gurl


      "I want him found."