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      Esmeralda opened her eyes.Well, you are not a young gentleman.

      I know now! he said in the tone of triumph and satisfaction we use when we have succeeded in remembering. It was you who caught Lady Adas horse in the park yesterday.Oh, you stand in, Varley? said MacGrath.

      "Before what, dear love?" he asked tenderly.Then came the period after supper when they sat in the ante-room and let the dances go by, hearing the music of waltzes which they were to have danced together, hearing and heeding not. And then came a sudden scare at the thought of the hour. Was it late?

      "You did, did you? Well, I'm going to do mine, which is to knock you down for it."

      Norman stood for a moment, as if turned to stone; then, with a cry of Esmeralda! he half sprung forward. Esmeralda put out her hand, as if to keep him back; and so they stood gazing at each other, troubled amazement in his eyes, confusion in hers. In that instant the folly of the silence respecting Norman Druce burst upon her with overwhelming force. An ordinary girl, used to the ways of the world, would not have been overwhelmed or very much confused, but, to Esmeraldas simple nature, her secrecy assumed the dimensions of a crime.



      "Yes, love, we must coax the roses back to your cheeks. I must have a good mount ready for you when the cubbing begins, and a few morning gallops will soon make a change in my fragile wife's appearance. And I'll charter a yacht and steep you in ozone."


      Do they? she said, quietly.