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      I am strong, she said. But they are not hard to drive. I have ridden and driven young colts that get up on their hind legs and waltz all round the place; these are quite tame. But they are good horses, conscientiously. Ive never driven a pair so handsome as this.I will, if you must have it. I married you because I love you.

      He had sat in the smoking-room of the Marlborough nearly all the timesat and thought of the wife he loved, the woman who was wife to him only in name, and who would never be anything more.She laughed with her eyes closed.

      N-ono; I dont think so. What happened? Ah! yes; he slipped. It was my fault; you told me not to. One momenteverything is spinning round.

      Norman! she repeated, dully.

      It was my fault, he said. In the beginningyes; it was my faultand yours.

      Nono, she has not. Trafford would have telegraphed me at once. He knows that I am dying of anxiety and terror. Oh, Norman, think of her! Alone in the world, and soso wretched! Where is she?

      Thank you. Ive just come from Dogs Ear Camp, and I want to find one calledcalled I cant remember the name; but its something to do with brandy.



      Lady Wyndover watched him in something like awed silence; the careless, light-hearted boy suddenly loomed before hera man; and a man of resources, a man to be relied upon.


      Are you coming, or not? demanded the ringleader, impatiently, and he significantly imitated the click of a trigger with his lips.She was very silent as they walked home, where she was received with a tremendous fuss by everybody and made to change her things immediately.