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      Si paced up. His gun was loaded, and he could have easily brought the rebel down. But the rebel's devotion to his partner touched him."Can't say that I do," answered Billings, pretending to examine them while he could recover his wits sufficiently for a fine of defense.

      The Deacon's eyes met his boldly, and he answered the questions categorically.

      "Mebbe," suggested Shorty, remembering that this would still leave them four short, "some o' your gang'd like to come along with you."

      He advanced boldly into the opening. At the sound of his approach the men looked up, and one of those leaning on his gun picked it up and came toward him."We've got to live, too," Albin said.

      "There, you see all the thanks you git for bein' a hustler in the way of doin' your dooty. I done a job for 'em that they should've 'tended to long ago, and now they sit down on me for it."





      "Well, you'll see in a little while the boss lot o' boys. Every one of 'em fightin' cocks, thoroughbrednot a dunghill feather or strain in the lot. Weeded 'em all out long ago. All straight-cut gentlemen. They'll welcome you like brothers and skin you out of every cent o' your bounty, if you play cards with 'em. They're a dandy crowd when it comes to fingerin' the pasteboards. They'll be regler fathers to you, but you don't want to play no cards with 'em."