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      Dubuisson left the answer to his allies. The appeal of the suppliant fell on hearts of stone. The whole concourse sat in fierce and sullen silence, and the envoys read their doom in the gloomy brows that surrounded them. Eight or ten of the allied savages presently came to Dubuisson, and one of them said in a low voice: "My father, we come to ask your leave to knock these four great chiefs in the head.[Pg 294] It is they who prevent our enemies from surrendering without conditions. When they are dead, the rest will be at our mercy."Pen read this name without any sensation beyond a sudden quickening of interest. She needed no further urging to read on.

      Shirley hastened back to New England, burdened with the preparation for three expeditions and the command of one of them. Johnson, who had been in the camp, though not in the Council, went back to Albany, provided with a commission as sole superintendent of Indian affairs, and 19657

      Frontenac and Duchesneau.

      [873] Declaration of War against the King of Spain, 4 Jan. 1762.

      FOOTNOTES:Even lovers must come back to earth. Pen drew away from him. "The dawn will surprise us," she murmured.

      [439] Works of Franklin, I. 220.[32] Lalande, Notice de l'Abb Piquet, in Lettres difiantes. See also Tass in Revue Canadienne, 1870, p. 9.


      [409] Mackellar to Shirley, June, 1756. Mercer to Shirley, 2 July, 1756.V1 Breton. She had an interest in keeping France alive on the American continent. More than one clear eye saw, at the middle of the last century, that the subjection of Canada would lead to a revolt of the British colonies. So long as an active and enterprising enemy threatened their borders, they could not break with the mother-country, because they needed her help. And if the arms of France had prospered in the other hemisphere; if she had gained in Europe or Asia territories with which to buy back what she had lost in America, then, in all likelihood, Canada would have passed again into her hands.


      Such was the futile and miserable end of the grand expedition. Even the promise to pay for the plundered goods was contemptuously broken. [21] The honor rested with the Iroquois. They had spurned the French, repelled the claims of the English, and by act and word asserted their independence of both. * La Hontan, I. 60 (ed. 1709). Other editions contain the


      Fort Ponchartrain, better known as Fort Detroit, was an enclosure of palisades, flanked by blockhouses at the corners, with an open space within to serve as a parade-ground, around which stood small wooden houses thatched with straw or meadow-grass. La Mothe-Cadillac, founder of the post, had been made governor of the new colony of Louisiana, and the Sieur Dubuisson now commanded at Detroit. There were about thirty French traders, voyageurs, and coureurs de bois in the place, but at this time no soldiers.