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      She was startled and bewildered. It was the first time she had ever been made love to, for though no doubt every young man in the camp worshiped her, and would have gladly made her his wife, not one of them had ever dared to tell her so, or to even hint by word or sign at the state of his feelings, for the simple reason that she was regarded by the whole camp as a kind of queen. Besides, it was well known that her guardian, Varley Howard, would not permit of any love-making, and that the man who should venture to propose marriage to Esmeralda would far more probably be the chief personage in a funeral than in a wedding."Thank you," returned Miss Thane, in a cool tone of acquiescence.

      "Brandy!" he finally gasped, through his set teeth.

      He lifted his eyes with a start. A dim shadow had fallen on the floor; something was intercepting the gray dawn-rays, which feebly lit the room. He looked at the open window; it framed a slight graceful figure, a wan, but lovely face,both so well remembered, so fondly loved, so mournfully lost! Of course, it was an apparition, a creation of his own excited fancy, called forth to furnish another illustration of the strange ramifications and knottings of those mystical cords, and soon to disappear, and make way for some other sharer of his bonds.

      [Pg 150]"And you forgive me?"

      "Do you always sign your name in that way?" he asked.Hes the Marquis of Trafford, he explained, because he is the eldest son of the Duke of Belfayre.

      He smiled grimly.

      "Women!" exclaimed Bergan, stretching out a stalwart arm toward the doctor. "Are not those the muscles and sinews of a man?"


      "And that is probably the secret of its perfection," remarked Bergan, meditatively. "The loveliest graces of charactersuch as charity that thinketh no evil, and hope that lives by faith, not by sightare the legitimate children of suffering. Then why not the finer works of art?""Who has put this nonsense in your head?"


      "No, only two or three professors at the college, and the Marquis de Querangal, the gentleman who has the boar-hounds. His daughter used to visit at Dinan, and she and I were great friends."


      "Will you not come up again soon?" asked Coralie, coloring a little, but strong in the certainty that she could not err in showing her preserver the most cordial courtesy. "It must be good for you to leave the city as often as you can. And you have certainly earned the right to consider Farview as your home, whenever it suits you to do so."